Valerie Dayan
Beauty editor

Valerie Dayan

Valerie’s passion for writing began at an early age in her hometown of Istanbul. At age 5, she wrote a letter to her school saying she didn’t want to attend anymore – before she even knew how to read or write! Having continued her education regardless, she now continues following her passion at Vogue Turkey, where she’s been Beauty Editor. She currently lives in Istanbul’s Nisantasi district, with an abundant amount of beauty products and the love of her life: her Coton de Tulear dog, Mufi.

Top travel memory: “Last September I went to Puglia, Italy with a close friend. We were quite excited about visiting the little town of Gallipoli with its beach parties, bars and eateries. We both packed picture-perfect Italian wardrobes hoping to go out and enjoy the town in style, only to find that the holiday season finished one week before we got there! There were no bars, no shops, nor anyone under the age of 60 walking around. After barely getting a bottle of wine at a restaurant and having strange glares at my probably-too-sexy-for-off-season-Gallipoli Reformation dress, we gave up and left town the next morning. I’m still curious how Gallipoli is during the time it’s actually alive!”

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