Berlin: Things to know

All your pre-visit and on-location info, from taxis and tipping to visas and vaccinations, via weather warnings and when to go. In a nutshell: set your translate app to German-English, and everything else should come easily



Time zone



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Country dialling code



Berlin’s average temperature is around 18C (64F). In extreme cases, winter temperatures can drop to -20C (-4F), but usually hover around a more manageable 0C/34F. Summers are equally mixed, with temperatures occasionally soaring up to 35C (95F) in July and August

When to visit

The city turns into an outdoor summer playground between June and August, but spring and autumn might be preferable if you’re not into hot weather, lakes or parks. The city’s events calendar ensures that there’s always something happening; in winter, the Christmas Markets are well worth a visit


EU members are exempt for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. Find out if you need a visa here


None required or recommended


Type F (two-prong plug)


10% is standard, but rounding up the bill a euro or two is often fine in more casual places


Dial 112

Tourist info

There are official tourist information points at the Brandenburg Gate, the main train station and Alexanderplatz (inside the TV Tower)

Getting there

Airlines and airports: Berlin currently has two main airports – Tegel and Schönefeld – serviced by most international airlines

Transfers: Both airports are well served by the city’s train and bus services. A trip from Tegel takes around 30 minutes to the centre and costs under 3€; Schönefeld takes under an hour and costs just over 3€ (both one way). Taxis cost between 25-35€ respectively, and take the same amount of time, or you can find out more about car hire here

Getting around

Public transport: Berlin has a very efficient, inexpensive and easy to use public transport system that consists of trams, buses, S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines – day tickets (Tageskarte) are a good idea if you’re planning on moving around a lot, or a seven-day ticket (Wochenkarte) will suit for longer stays. Otherwise, you can buy blocks of four single tickets (4-Fahrten-Karte) if travelling only in central Berlin.

Cycle hire: Cycling around town is easy thanks to the city’s mostly flat topography, abundant bike lanes and the ubiquity of Deutsche Bahn’s Call-A-Bike service, which costs 8 cents per minute or 15€ per day and can be picked up at terminals throughout the city

Cabs: Berlin’s distinct beige taxis can be hailed in the street, at ranks in prominent places or via local taxi apps like MyTaxi

Hotel Offers

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