Stress-busting travel tech

You’ve planned it, you’ve long looked forward to it, and you’ve certainly earned it, but holidays are unpredictable things – and for all the sunshine days and exotic experiences, there’s a lot to think about when you’re travelling. Thankfully, there’s also a swathe of super-smart tech to help smooth the way. From clever suitcases to electronic sleep masks, via an emergency caffeine fix, WIRED’s science editor Joao Medeiros picks the best must-have apps and gadgets to cover every overseas eventuality

All apps are available on iOS and Android

1. Nokia Treasure Tag

The neat Nokia Treasure Tag connects your smartphone with your keys, luggage, children, or whatever object you’re likely to misplace when you’re travelling abroad. Just attach it to your belongings and your phone will alert you if you’re about to leave them behind. And if you do manage to lose something, it will show you its last location on your phone’s map.

2. TripIt

This simple but useful app allows you to safely and securely store all the important travel documentation — from copies of your passport, ID, travel reservations, contact info and more. Now you’ve only got to keep track of your mobile phone.

3. Neuroon

The best friend of long-haulers and business travellers, the Neuroon sleep mask measures your brainwaves and eye movements to track your sleep and wake at the right time. It includes a Jet Lag Blocker feature that uses light therapy to alleviate jet lag.

4. CityMaps2Go

With Wi-Fi harder to come by in far-flung destinations, CityMaps2Go downloads all the information you require before you go, from Open Street maps and Wikipedia Travel guides to hotel ratings and personal notes.

5. Bluesmart

Prone to over-packing or losing your luggage? This sleek carry-on comes with a range of smart features: a built-in location tracker, self-weighing capability, a charger for your USB devices and an app that allows you to lock it using your smartphone.

6. Google Translate

Break down language barriers with an updated old favourite: Google have the “Word Lens” feature into its popular Google Translate app. Just hold the camera in front of the text and the app will automatically translate it into 26 languages.

7. Wacaco

If the success of your day relies on a high-quality caffeine fix, pack a Minipresso – the smallest, lightest portable espresso machine on the market, with traditional machine quality – as handy for camping trips as it is for hotels.

8. MPassport

Getting sick is stressful enough, but it’s much worse when you don’t know where to turn for assistance. Cue the MPassport app, which cleverly helps you locate the right doctor and request appointments anywhere in the world so you can eat street food and ride mopeds with abandonment.

9. Kingston MobileLite Wireless Pro

A battery booster and mobile backup, this clever device replaces many of the functions of a laptop when you’re on the go. You can share and backup files, wirelessly access content in USB drives and SD cards, play videos and photos, and charge your other mobile devices at super-fast speed.

10. SteriPEN

Venturing off the beaten track? This portable water purifier uses UV light to destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in water, and it’s reusable for up to 8,000 litres – which allows for a lot of wild wandering.

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